About the 24-Hour Gym


Tired of people curling in your squat rack? Sick of waiting 20 minutes for a bench? How about dropping weight or using chalk? You want to do these things? Lucky for you, you can at Beyond Parallel!


Our 24/7 gym is electronic door access with the Hybrid AF system. Our 24/7 gym is attached to our CrossFit gym but has its own separate space. You can have a 24/7 only membership, a CrossFit membership or our all inclusive membership.


Our first 100 membership will receive our grandfather membership of $40 per month. 

Know About US

More Than A Gym. We Are A Fitness Community!

At Beyond Parallel, we strive to be the most inclusive 24/7 gym in the Greater Pittsburgh Area! We will be set up to welcome all kinds of fitness. From BodyBuilding to Calisthenics and even CrossFit or Powerlifting, we have the room and the equipment for everyone to enjoy.

BodyBuilding: We will have dumbells up to 125 pounds, plenty of benches, squat racks and free space to do any exercise you want. We also have a leg press, cable columns and a lat pull down/ low row machine. Did we mention NO LUNK ALARMS! You will not be shamed for moving weight, making some noise or using chalk. Looking for pull up bars? There will be PLENTY of them to go around with our Rogue Rig. We will also be looking to add in more equipment as we grow so the possibilities are endless!

Calisthenics: Looking for some free space and bars suitable for muscle ups? Our Rig has multiple bars perfectly suitable for muscle ups and will have claim to over 400sqr ft of space to make sure you have the room to train anything you wish.

CrossFit: Being that we are a CrossFit gym first, it is fitting that our 24/7 gym would have CrossFit equipment in it. You will have everything from bumper plates to rowers to perform any WOD you can write up.

Powerlifting: Looking to compete in powerlifting? We will have all of the bumper plates, bars, power racks and deadlift platforms you will need to train for powerlifting. Also, Beyond Parallel will be a USAPL certified powerlifting club in the near future. Stay tuned for our official announcement of our Club.

Endurance: Looking to train for a marathon? We didn’t forget about you. We will have 3 assault runner, assault bike, rowers and even ski ergs for all of your endurance training needs.

Much More: As we said, there is no judgement Beyond Parallel. Whatever your style of fitness, Beyond Parallel will be the place for you to get in your next workout.

  • Train with the best experts in the CrossFit field.
  • Our personal trainers will help you find a perfect workout.


Feel at home here at Beyond Parallel

 No lunk alarms, no athlete shaming, just fitness

Our gym is NOW OPEN!

What to expect from BP24

  • 4000 sqr feet of open gym
  • plenty of squat racks and benches
  • all brand new rogue equipment
  • 3 power racks and a full pull up rig
  • Personalized programming (optional, extra cost)
  • functional fitness equipment -Assault runners, Assault bikes, Concept 2 rowers and Ski Ergs


Grandfather rate of $40 per month. Membership will be $60 per month, so this will be a $20 per month savings. A $40 deposit will be required to hold your spot and will be used as your first months membership. Follow the link below and reserve your spot today! Only 100 people will be locked in at this rate.



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